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Now I’d like to offer you two other books to try for free as a thank you, which I hope will tempt you into trying the other types of books I write. Firstly, let me introduce you to Brother Tuck in my prequel to the Guy of Gisborne stories. His adventure is self-contained, but if you like him, his story continues in the first book of the larger series, Crusades.

Heaven’s Kingdom

What made a devout Welsh monk become a famous outlaw? Where did he learn to fight, and what set him on his rebellious path?

Join young Brother Tuck as he leaves his monastery in Wales to accompany the son of a local prince on a pilgrimage which turns out to be far from straightforward. At the start it’s keeping young Lord Hywel out of the clutches of King Henry II as they visit Canterbury, but as Tuck and his companions head for Rome, life gets more complicated. Who is little William, the orphaned boy whom they rescue, and why do people seem to want him dead?

Once the pilgrims reach Jerusalem, further complications set in, and Tuck has his faith tested in ways he could never have believed. With so many preconceptions getting shattered as he witnesses the true cost of holding onto the holy city, and the realities of life out on the edge of the Christian world sink in, he finds his faith being tempered like Damascus steel. But can he ever go home again after that, and what will happen if he does?

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And then I’d like to offer you the first in a fantasy quartet set in a quasi-Renaissance world – no elves or orcs, but some juicy bad guys and magical beasts of a kind you night not expect!

Bane in the Stone

He’s fallen into another world. They need a hero!

Legend has it that the dukes of Palma can control the fabled stone gryphons of Staer-Dushan, and that together they will defend the Duchy’s people against all enemies. So when the current duke is murdered in strange circumstances, it is imperative that his errant son and heir is found and forced to return. The only problems are firstly finding Marcus, and then when they do, finding he’s not the man they thought he was!

Mark was just another ex-soldier trying to forget his demons when he woke up somewhere else, and with no idea how he got there or how to get home. Worse, he’s the double of missing Marcus but without a scrap of his magical powers. Persuaded to act as Marcus to prevent wide-spread panic amongst the people, it isn’t long before Mark is up to his neck in assassination attempts. But what neither he nor his new friends expect is for the gryphons to suddenly start moving! He can’t control them, the duke’s remaining brother can’t either, but it becomes clear that somebody can. Who has this long-lost power, and what do they want?

As the gryphons rain chaos onto the city of Staer-Dushan, and long-lost magic reappears, against the odds it is Mark’s experience of a very different kind of fighting which might yet avert disaster! A high-stakes adventure of double identity in a fantasy setting, Bane in the Stone is the first book in a complete epic fantasy quartet.

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