A Roman shrine with a curse, a man accused of a murder he did not commit, and an archaeologist who holds the key to saving his life.

When archaeologist Pip comes across Cold Hunger Farm and the ancient Roman shrine to Attis embedded in its wall, it rakes up demons from her own past. Yet as she digs deeper into its records, shocking revelations come to light of heroic Georgian-era captain, Harry Green, accused of a vile and brutal murder – but who is the sinister woman manipulating his fiancée into making those claims? She sounds frighteningly like someone Pip knew, so how did she get into the past? And can Pip follow her to put things right again and save Harry’s life before he gets hanged?

The Room Within the Wall is a paranormal mystery in the style of Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series and James Oswald’s Inspector McLean stories with a dash of Diana Gabaldon style romance!

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