Can one man change the fate of thousands? Guy of Gisborne tries, but he needs Robin Hood to succeed!

Forced to leave their home, cousins Guy and Robin are destined to lead very different lives. While Robin goes with the Templars to the crusades, Guy faces danger on the Welsh border serving brutal sheriff de Braose. Yet a chance meeting with rebel Welsh priest, Tuck, sets Guy on the path of covert righter of wrongs, even before a chance meeting with a prince returns him to Nottingham. And when Robin returns, too, the cousins launch a wider crusade to find justice for the people of Sherwood.

As Robin’s spy inside the sheriff’s castle, Guy risks being hung – or worse – if caught. Alone and often torn by the decisions he’s forced make, Guy must act against the very class he was born into, but once his eyes have been opened to the plight of the ordinary people there’s no going back. Yet it will be the infamous events in York in 1190 that will seal the fate of one famous outlaw, his cousin, and a legend!

Crusades is the first book in the Guy of Gisborne historical series (previously published as Much Secret Sorrow).

If you enjoy Michael Jecks, C. J. Sansom, Nigel Tranter and Bernard Cornwell, long for rich historical detail, or love Robin of Sherwood, then you’ll love this retelling of the Robin Hood legend.

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