A detective haunted by a past case, a house with a sinister secret, and a missing little girl! Can DI Ric Drake rescue her and find redemption along the way?

When DS Merlin ‘Robbie’ Roberts hears he’s got a new colleague it’s the last thing he wants, and especially when it’s Ric Drake – infamous, recovering from a heart attack, and refusing retirement. But when a modern missing child case links to one from Ric’s past, and to a mysterious old house on the Welsh borders, they find a common cause. Do the ancient bodies discovered under a modern one hold the clue to both girls’ fate, and does the house itself hold the key? As the links to the past keep getting stronger, Robbie and Drake must find a way to break the strange link before more children fall prey to Weord Manor’s ancient lure.

The Rune House is a stand-alone paranormal mystery in the same vein as Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series, James Oswald’s Inspector McLean stories, and a fey dash of Jim Butcher and Charles de Lint.

Amazon Review: “I couldn’t put this book down, it draws you in.” *****

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