Welcome to the Fantasy pages. As someone who has a deep love of history, and who was exposed to Tolkien at an early age, it was inevitable that I would end up writing epic fantasy. Indeed fantasy was where I started my writing journey. My historical background has meant that I’ve always felt comfortable creating believable and workable medieval and renaissance landscapes to take my characters through, and I hope you’ll enjoy your journeys with them.

I also wanted to write fantasy for readers like myself, who yearn for grown-up heroes and heroines, and who make adult decisions based on life experience. Coming of age stories have their place, but frequently you don’t get very well-rounded adult figures in them, and I wanted to write for readers who themselves had grown up and moved away from young adult issues – let alone those who now have children of their own, and probably know more than enough about teenage angst! So you have plenty of characters to meet and become friends with of all ages and persuasions.

As of now, you have two series to explore. Power & Empire is a true epic fantasy in both content and scale, with a large and vary varied cast of characters, in a medieval world.

Menaced by Magic is smaller in scope and follows a handful of key characters in the same world as Power & Empire, but moving on to something closer to a renaissance time.

I also love writing about a varied cast of characters. So in these series you will find young and old; military and civilian; both male and female warriors; and people who are attracted to the same sex (although I do avoid explicit sex scenes with all of them!). That diversity is what a real world would be like, and that’s what I’ve populated mine with, so I’d love to hear from you who your favourite characters end up being.

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