He’s never fought magic before, now he’s on the run and marked for death!

Fleeing the fallen city of Staer-Dushan, Mark and his friends encounter the full powers of the insane mages of the Khol-Reyne, who have claimed the Duchy of Palma as their own. Desperately trying to evade capture, along the way they encounter kidnappings, a returning crazed claimant to the neighbouring empire’s throne, and magical explosions nobody can control. As they try to find a way to fight back against this unpredictable and ferocious threat, strange new allies appear. But even together, can they match the power of the gryphons?

Gryphons’ Chase is the second book in the Return of the Gryphons complete epic fantasy quartet. If you love character-driven fantasies such as Robin Hobb’s Fitz and the Fool novels, the Sword of Truth series, or the quasi-Renaissance style world in Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora books, this is a series for you.

Find out how Mark and his friends survive being hunted by crazed mages and their magical creatures. Pick up a copy of Gryphons’ Chase today to join in the chase!

Previously published as No Human Hunter, this edition released on 10th Sept 2022

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