She’s broken …this house needs fixing. Can they banish one another’s ghosts?

Fliss’ career has broken her, but her uncle has a plan to save her. Restoring Sytchampton House to its former glory is the kind of job he regularly does, and doing nothing more stressful than wielding a paint brush alongside side him seems just the therapy Fliss needs – except the house itself has other ideas!

Why does Fliss keep finding hidden caches of letters leading back to the earlier family who owned the house? And why do they play on her deepest desires so strongly? Her grief over not having a child of her own keeps getting tugged at by the abandoned children of the past, and when she starts speaking to someone in the past, Barry fears Fliss is going to do something rash which might crush her future forever.

Yet those in the past have a voice and a mind of their own too, and trapping Fliss isn’t in their plans – they just need her help. Can righting the wrongs in the past, and proving the innocence of those long dead, give Fliss the fresh start she desperately needs in the present?

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Sytchampton House, ground floor, modern day.
First floor, modern day how Fliss sees it.

Second floor, modern day.
The original ground floor with the old stairs shown and the two hidden doors revealed.
Original layout of the first floor with the lost staircases shown.