A mysterious Finnish boy in Britain, his attempted abduction by Russians, and an off-duty detective who takes on the battle against evil.

When DI Bill Scathlock foils the abduction of Finnish schoolboy Tapio, things soon take an unexpected turn. What is Tapio’s secret, who or what is hunting him and why? The links back to Finland, its mythology, and his au pair’s family, weave an ever more tangled web, and as the violence escalates Bill needs a wholly different kind of back-up than his colleagues normally provide. More than a boy’s life is at stake as Bill fights to guard him against evil.

Green Lord’s Guardian is the second in the Bill Scathlock paranormal mystery series. If you love Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins and James Oswald’s Inspector McLean stories, or Ben Aranovich’s Rivers of London series, you’ll definitely want to read this.

Amazon Review: “Absolutely fantastic book …all round enjoyable read.” *****

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