One chance to strike back. Allies with conflicting agendas. And the gryphons up back to full strength!

The Delven and the Narwal Horde have joined Mark and his friends in the fight back against the Khol-Reyne, but they may be betrayed from within. And how do you defeat a coven of lunatic, magically empowered priests and priestesses whose actions you can’t predict? With the Khol-Reyne increasingly tapping into their ancient sources of power, and with the gryphons and gryphes becoming more lifelike and unpredictable, it won’t be long before they can raise their ultimate weapon, the dragons. There’s precious little time left before the Khol-Reyne become unassailable and the Duchy’s is doomed forever.

Can Mark find the vital weakness in the Khol-Reyne’s magic and hold everyone together as he does it?

If you love character-driven fantasies such as Robin Hobb’s Fitz and the Fool novels, the Sword of Truth series, or the quasi-Renaissance style world in Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora books, then you’ll want to get your hands on this complete series.Pick up a copy of Raising the Beasts today to join Mark and his friends in the gripping conclusion to this series.

Previously published as The Rite to Rule, this edition released 8th November 2022

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