Stella’s friend Dav is missing in the Welsh mountains, and her ex- could be lying about it. Can she find Dav in time to save his life?

Stella knows her ex, Toby, perennial lies through his teeth, so what’s new? But she soon realises that something went horribly wrong on the simple army exercise that left him and his mates hospitalised, wounded in mind and body. Along with the fathers of two of Toby’s wounded comrades, she begins unravelling the web of lies surrounding the exercise, which even the army seems confused about – not just for the sake of Toby and the lads in hospital, but also because her and Toby’s oldest friend, Dav, is missing and nobody seems to know how, when, or where!

Who are the officers who keep trying to cover things up, and did their superiors even know what was going on? As additional casualty numbers start rising, Stella and her new allies soon find themselves dealing with mysterious goings on far beyond anything they could have anticipated. Yet there’s also the chance of a fresh start for Stella and her ally, Bob, as the trail leads them into the mysterious Welsh mountains, and together they find a disused mine that holds a very strange secret in its depths.

Don’t Delve Too Deep is a stand-alone magical mystery. If you love Outlander’s magical side, Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins, Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series, or Barbara Erskine’s books, you’ll definitely want to read this.

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