When cousins fight it’s personal – when they’re Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne it’s fatal!

Reeling from the effects of the siege, Guy struggles on as the outlaws’ lone spy inside Nottingham Castle because the folk of Sherwood still need help, especially when there’s a famine in the country. So Guy and the outlaws fight on against the new sheriff – and he’s smarter and more vicious than the last one!

When Robin reappears, seemingly repentant, Guy sets him up at a tournament to win a fabled silver arrow reliquary, for Guy still hopes to heal the rift between them. Yet as Robin’s legend grows, so does his ego and paranoia towards Guy, and before long he’s putting everyone in mortal danger again. As some of the gang are imprisoned and Robin’s rescue plan causes chaos and death, a rift occurs within the outlaws with retribution from both them and the law falling hard, and Guy is terribly wounded in body and spirit in the process. As the effects of the crusades take a final and terrible toll on Robin, can Guy save himself, let alone any of his friends?

Broken Arrow is the third book in the Guy of Gisborne historical series.

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