Kat’s life is complicated. Scott’s is a mess. An unstable time portal is the last thing either needs – especially when Scott falls through it! Can Kat get him back before she’s arrested for his murder?

Interior designer Kat desperately needs this commission restoring the Edwardian mansion of Fownhope Priors, but her employer Scott’s wife and mother-in-law are a nightmare. Yet when they are killed in suspicious circumstances, and she is the last person to see him, she can’t help but be drawn in to the family’s feuds. Where has Scott Hawkesmoor vanished to? Is it back to Yorkshire where his wife and mother-in-law died? Or is it somewhere far stranger? And how can she ever explain it to anyone – especially the police – let alone how she knows?

Enlisting the help of Scott’s solicitor and friend, Drew, seems like a good idea, but she finds herself confusingly attracted to him. Could he or Scott cope with her past? Then her own family’s dark secret rears its ugly head and an over-eager detective jumps to the wrong conclusions. Can Kat convince Drew and the police that she’s not a murderess? Why won’t Drew trust her, and what is his own strange past that he’s hiding? Yet above all, once she discovers where Scott is trapped, can she find a way to send him a message that will show him the way back home, and can he go through the right gateway? Or will he end up somewhen else altogether?

Grab your copy of A Gate to Somewhen Else and find out just when Scott vanished to!

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Fownhope Priors ground floor
Fownhope Priors 1st Floor
Fownhope Priors top floor