Menaced by Magic

A lost soldier, a duchy in peril, and a missing heir who alone can control its only defence. Can a stranger hold the key to everyone’s survival?

Modern-day soldier, Mark, wakes up in a strange place only to find he’s the double for the lost heir to the Duchy of Palma. Yet even as he struggles against the intense hatred his double has earned, Mark discovers a new danger is coming, and this one has a potent magical power he has no idea how to combat. How do you fight insane mages whose power you don’t even begin to comprehend when they think you’ve stolen their kingdom? Totally out of his depth, and with no way to return home, Mark must help his new friends fight for the survival of the duchy and its people, or die with them.

A Prisoner of Zenda style adventure of double identity in a fantasy setting, Menaced by Magic is the first book of an epic fantasy quartet. If you love character-driven fantasies such as Robin Hobb’s Fitz and the Fool novels, and the quasi-Renaissance style world in Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora books, this is a series for you.

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