What made a devout Welsh monk become a famous outlaw? Where did he learn to fight, and what set him on his rebellious path?

Join young Brother Tuck as he leaves his monastery in Wales to accompany the son of a local prince on a pilgrimage which turns out to be far from straightforward. At the start it’s keeping young Lord Hywel out of the clutches of King Henry II as they visit Canterbury, but as Tuck and his companions head for Rome, life gets more complicated. Who is little William, the orphaned boy whom they rescue, and why do people seem to want him dead?

Once the pilgrims reach Jerusalem, further complications set in, and Tuck has his faith tested in ways he could never have believed. With so many preconceptions getting shattered as he witnesses the true cost of holding onto the holy city, and the realities of life out on the edge of the Christian world sink in, he finds his faith being tempered like Damascus steel. But can he ever go home again after that, and what will happen if he does?

Heaven’s Kingdom is a prequel which follows one of the key characters in the Guy of Gisborne series, telling his story in his own right, but also leading into events which happen in the first book, Crusades. Ideal for fans of C J Sansom, Bernard Cornwell and Michael Jecks, this novel wraps you in the real twelfth-century world of the Plantagenets and the crusades.

If you love rich historical detail, the past being brought vividly to life, and characters you become friends with, you’ll love Heaven’s Kingdom .

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