Unleashing the Power

Magical enemies, overwhelming odds, and the greatest battle for generations is coming. If sacrificing your all fails, what will be your people’s fate?

The DeÁine have sent for more of their kind from across the ocean and they’re on their way! Worse, despite mage Calatin dying, and witch Geitla also near death, new members have been elevated to the elite Abend and they’re back to full strength and ready for war. But what’s going on in the DeÁine’s lands beyond the mountains? Whose army is control there? And can the last people who will control the Islands’ weapons bond with them in time? As Brego and Berengar assemble their forces on Rathlin, and Maelbrigt and Ruari seek tactics to use their new-found weapons, help comes from an unexpected quarter – but can he be trusted? As the last great battle comes, who controls the balance of power, and what will happen when all the magical weapons at last come into play?

When there’s no chosen one to save you, uniting in battle is your last hope!

Unleashing the Power is the riveting final part of the Power & Empire series in the tradition of the Wheel of Time, Game of Thrones and Sword of Truth series.

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