Fleeting Victories

Powerful war-mages are on the loose, your allies are entombed in ice, and the worst winter in a generation has arrived – how do you fight back against those odds?

The DeÁine have marched into Brychan unopposed, the regular army slaughtered, and the mages are planning a terrible ritual which requires sacrifices. Can Berengar find and open the secret ways beneath the mountains to reunite his men to fight back? Meanwhile Ruari and Maelbrigt venture into icy Taineire to attempt to revive the Ancients – the only ones who knew how their arcane weapons work. Others find their courage tested in different ways. Jacinto must overcome his past, while Swein discovers hidden reserves he never knew he had. Sithfrey and Andra find themselves scaling perilous mountain heights with the covert branch of the Knights, and Talorcan attempts to protect Alaiz, only to meet with Cwen and find an alien army in his way!

When there’s no chosen one to save you, courage might be all you have left!

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