Standing stones built into an ancient church, a lost undercover detective and a dangerous gang trading treasures from the past. Can Bill Scathlock save his friend’s life before his cover gets blown?

DI Bill Scathlock thought he’d seen the last of his troubled DS, Danny Sawaski, but he wasn’t expecting him to disappear altogether! The Polish gang Danny was infiltrating are trafficking people to bring ancient artefacts to them, but those people aren’t the usual victims, and neither is where they’re coming from. With archaeologist friend Nick Robbins helping, Bill investigates, but why do people only appear at the old church, and who is the mad priest seen with the gang? With Danny’s predicament getting ever more dangerous, the clock is ticking if Bill is to save him before he gets killed by the gang …or arrested by his old colleagues!

Time’s Bloodied Gold is the first paranormal mystery featuring DI Bill Scathlock. If you love Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series and James Oswald’s Inspector McLean stories, or Ben Aranovich’s Rivers of London series, you’ll definitely want to read this.

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