Some people keep secrets, this house hides them for generations.

When genealogist Cleo is asked to investigate the family of Upper Moore House as a favour to her estate agent friend, it’s a different commission to the ones she’s used to. And right from the start she feels there’s something not quite right about Mrs Darcy D’Eath Wytcombe. What is Mrs Wytcome’s real motive for digging so deep into her late husband’s family? What secrets does she think Cleo will uncover? And is she prepared for what else might be revealed?

As Cleo discovers increasing numbers of old letters, some of which have been buried for over a century in hiding places within the house, a strange web of deceit begins to appear. What was the family’s connection to Georgian and Victorian Croatia and Italy, and just how closely related to one another were some of the Wytcombes? More urgently, who have been the real heirs to the house down the generations, and have others been willing to resort to blackmail or even murder to keep it from them?

With Mrs Wytcombe pushing for a swift sale of the house, Cleo must work against the clock to find the true heirs to Upper Moore House and prevent a terrible miscarriage of justice.

If you love paranormal mysteries by authors like Phil Rickman and James Oswald, and a dash of romance with your mystery as with Barbara Erskine and Karen Swan, or the magical elements of Diana Gabaldon’s Lord John Grey novels, then this is a book for you!

Get your copy of House of Lost Secrets today to find out just how far back the deceit and lies go!

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Ground floor plan of Upper Moore House
First floor plan of Upper Moore House