Robin Hood, Prince John, and the Sheriff of Nottingham – and Guy, the spy, is trapped between all three!

Working alone within Nottingham Castle, Guy repeatedly risks his life to help his cousin Robin. Incompetent and lazy, the sheriff is unpredictable and fond of draconian punishments, but when he hangs several of Guy’s fellow knights on a whim, the dangers spiral out of control. Then there’s Prince John, who takes every opportunity to try and seize the throne for himself. When King Richard returns from the crusades, deciding that Nottingham Castle will be the example he makes of a king’s wrath, Guy is trapped in the siege watching friends dying around him and fearing he’ll be next.

Will Robin help save Guy, or will his hero-worshipping of the king bring a terrible fate down on all of them? In this perilous world Guy walks a tightrope between the political intrigues, where loyalties are divided and the life of a simple knight counts for nothing – sometimes not even amongst family!

Outlawed is the second book in the Guy of Gisborne historical series (previously published as Prized and Honoured) which retells the Robin Hood legends from a different perspective.

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