Summoning Spectres

An arcane ritual, innocent sacrifices, and it’s going to take place deep into enemy territory! How far would you go to rescue your friends?

Beyond the Brychan Mountains, Labhran and the Prydein knights track the mages, while Jacinto as a prisoner shadows their path. Can they get to the DeÁine palace in time, and what will be the cost of this rescue mission? On the other side of the mountains, Berengar is frantically rallying men as the first snows melt, but can he join with others, for there is news of reinforcements for the occupying DeÁine, and his men are vastly outnumbered. Matti and Kayna, meanwhile, face ancient traps closer to home, and on Ergardia and Prydein Masters Brego and Hugh muster their forces. For everyone the chances of survival are slim – if one fails, all fail! Yet all is not lost as long as Will can pull off the near impossible and rally a force behind the DeAines’ lines. All is still to play for and a decisive battle is looming!

When there’s no chosen one to save you, could your enemy’s enemies be vital allies?

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