Angelo is bad news, the kind Fleur doesn’t need. But is he truly evil, is the past leaking into the present, and is he acting alone?

Cataloguing Angelo Vance’s latest acquisition is the last job Fleur wants, but his mother insists that it’s her and her alone he wants for the task. Yet arriving at The Rookery, alongside the books Fleur discovers a treasure trove of old grimoires. Worse, something is very wrong in this old house. Who is the shadowy figure she keeps catching glimpses of, and hears? If it’s, Angelo he’s not just bad but mad, and if it isn’t, is he in danger?

As Fleur digs into the family who owned The Rookery, ever darker secrets start coming to light and worryingly, seem to be impacting on the present. Could the lethal recipes from the grimoires be still in use, and if so, why? As violence towards her and others erupts, the police get involved and Fleur needs all her skills to make sure the wrong man does not get arrested …and the right one lives to tell the tale!

Witches’ Brew is a psychic suspense novel for those who love a dash of history in their mysteries. If you enjoy writers like Barbara Erskine, Lucinda Riley, and Phil Rickman’s Merrily Watkins series, then you’ll love this.

Read it now to discover if Angelo is really as dark as he first seems!

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