Shards of Sorcery

Your allies are divided by ancient prejudices – some of them flea-ridden pirates of dubious intent. Your enemies are entrenched in your new homeland and terrorising your neighbours. Dare you take a chance on a magical way of fighting back that’s controlled by people with a grudge against you?

Mark has convinced his friends that they must seek out the Delven, the people who first carved out the magical beasts, but first they have to get to the Delven’s home territory. Yet even as they climb into the mountains with winter coming, their enemies are one step ahead of them, already bringing their own pressure on the Delven to return and serve them. Can Mark convince the Delven to help them even as he struggles to overcome long ingrained differences between his friends?

Shards of Sorcery is the third book in the Menaced by Magic epic fantasy quartet. With their enemies getting ever stronger, Mark and his friends are running out of time to take back their home before their enemies become too secure.

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