Lunatic priests, a rogue mage, and allies split by ancient prejudices. Dare Mark risk a magical counterattack controlled by people who want his allies dead?

Mark has convinced his friends that they must seek out the Delven, the people who first carved out the magical beasts, but first they have to get to the Delven’s home territory in the mountains during winter. Yet the Khol-Reyne are one step ahead of them, already putting pressure on the Delven to return and serve them. Can Mark convince the Delven to help, even as he struggles to overcome long ingrained differences between his friends? Worse, there’s another more powerful mage on the loose who hates the Khol-Reyne, and with his own agenda – but he hates some of Mark’s friends even more!

The gryphons are hunting, but they’re not the only hunters!

Live-Stone Hunters is the third book in the Return of the Gryphons complete epic fantasy quartet. If you love character-driven fantasies such as Robin Hobb’s Fitz and the Fool novels, the Sword of Truth series, or the quasi-Renaissance style world in Scott Lynch’s Locke Lamora books, this is a series for you.

With their enemies getting ever stronger, Mark and his friends are running out of time to take back their home before their enemies become too secure. Pick up a copy of Live-Stone Hunters today to discover just how high the stakes are!

Previously published as Shards of Sorcery, this edition released 10th October 2022

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