You’re being hunted by powerful war-mages, your only defensive weapons have been lost for generations …and winter is coming on!

The quest to recover the ancient weapons of the Islands is on – can Ruari and Maelbrigt retrieve at least two of them before their locations get overrun by the DeÁine? Meanwhile, Will takes over the rescue of Kenelm from Matti and finds himself hot on the heels of war-mage Quintillean, but there are other mages loose in the Islands, and who knows where they are?

Further west and braving the elements, Cwen and Swein must trust Berengar to protect them when the depths of mad king Edward’s betrayal comes to light, as the mages’ army advances into Brychan unopposed. Alaiz’s life is now in the hands of damaged knight, Talorcan – will he remain true, or abandon her to continue the quest alone? But it is Matti and Kayna who will experience the true horror of the DeAine mages’ power, as a fell storm at New Year brings the Wild Hunt sweeping across Rheged, harvesting souls as it passes. Can any of them survive, and if they do, at what cost?

When there’s no chosen one to save you, heroes come in the unlikeliest forms!

Looking for high-stakes adventure and epic fantasy on a grand scale? Love a diverse cast of characters you can really feel for? Then you’ll certainly want to read this second book in the epic Power & Empire fantasy series.

Amazon Review: “All too often the second installment in a series can be a disappointment – not so with `The Darkening Storm’. This master storyteller has written a worthy sequel.” *****

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