Welcome to the Fantasy pages. As someone who has a deep love of history, and who was exposed to Tolkien at an early age, it was inevitable that I would end up writing epic fantasy. My historical background has meant that I’ve always felt comfortable creating believable and workable medieval and renaissance landscapes to take my characters through, and I hope you’ll enjoy your journeys with them.

As of now, you have two series to explore. Power & Empire is a true epic fantasy in both content and scale, with a large and vary varied cast of characters, in a medieval world.

Menaced by Magic is smaller in scope and follows a handful of key characters in the same world as Power & Empire, but moving on to something closer to a renaissance time.

I also love writing about a varied cast of characters. So in these series you will find young and old; military and civilian; both male and female warriors; and people who are attracted to the same sex. That’s what a real world would be like, and that’s what I’ve populated mine with, so I’d love to hear from you who your favourite characters end up being.

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